My new wallpaper

November 17, 2009

Here’s my new wallpaper at work – something I’ve been working on in OmniGraffle.

Tufte Wallpaper

Every time you make a PowerPoint, Edward Tufte kills a kitten

6 Responses to “My new wallpaper”

  1. […] use and abuse. Some good examples and history too. If you’re into Tufte though (and who wouldn’t be), don’t forget you can go do a session with […]

  2. Reinout Roels said

    As someone doing some work in this area, I find this extremely funny. Do I have permission to print this and hang it on my wall? It’s just that your name is so tiny it’s not even a real mention of source.

  3. Karen Morrison said

    Hilarious – would you mind if I included this image in an upcoming communications course lecture (ppt lecture notes – ironically? sadly?) at a Cdn university – with proper citation of course,

  4. […] martin — No Comments ↓ Every time you make a PowerPoint, Edward Tufte kills a kittenvia markandrewgoetz.comTufte is God (for informational presentation purposes).Share this:Share on TumblrMore Pin ItRelated […]

  5. […] Mark Goertz hat das Statement von Edward Tufte in einem Wallpaper verarbeitet. Schonen Sie Katzenleben und schauen Sie sich Alternativen an. […]

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